Specsavers: image re-touching revolutionaries

Reading the papers this afternoon I came across this specsavers advert. It’s just a picture of a woman wearing glasses, obviously, which makes a change from the usual stupid “should have gone to specsavers” ads in which a horde of bikini models stampede towards a rather fat man, halting like cattle when he puts on his ugly glasses he, presumably, didn’t get in specsavers. What makes this ad interesting is the lack of touching-up that’s gone on with the picture. Not only does the woman have pores but she has what looks like a slightly dry patch, messy eyebrows, a visible line, facial hair and, oh dear god, what looks like it might be some stray nasal hair. And the tag line isn’t “should have gone to specsavers”, the inference being that, with decent glasses, she’d see what a state she looks. No, she’s just smiling enigmatically in the sunshine. Sad to say, but it’s practically pioneering.

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