Jun 29

How to relocate someone’s shoulder, find a handsome man and live happily ever after.

In case the steps aren’t clear:

Step One: Arm bent at the elbow and perpendicular to the body.

Step Two: Arm rotated to the side.

Coda: Walk off into the sunset with dog (yes, that’s supposed to be a dog) in tow.

PS Though I’m no physician, this is a technique that has been tried and tested many times. It’s best done with a cannister of entenox and a handsome man to hand. High on ententox, you can gaze adoringly at him and say all sorts of things to embarrass him, then claim not to remember any of them.  I once came over all Southern, winking at the doctor and calling everyone darlin’.  It made me proud to think I might be a cowgirl inside.


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