The Penis and Masculinity

Excerpt on male flashers from Exposing Phallacy

Cock, knob, chopper, dick, tool, prick, joystick, one-eyed monster, family jewels, shaft, whang, member, organ, John Thomas, weenie, dong, plonker, meat, schlong, pecker, willy, phallus, tadger, boner, package, love stick, cornholer, anal impaler, baby maker, tonsil tickler, one-eyed trouser snake, anaconda, giant redwood, manhood, steamin’ semen roadway, winkie, the big stick, purple-headed warrior – the list goes on.  There are many words for the penis, some spoken with pride and others with contempt.  Their own genitalia are of apparently infinite interest to men.  They have names for them; regard women in relation to them, deciding their attractiveness based on whether they’d want to have sex with them; have rituals based around them; risk disease, divorce, dismissal, and imprisonment in order to use them; are immensely proud of them, often failing to understand why women, in the main, don’t share in their cock worship; talk, brag, and joke about them; have online forums for every sort of penis (small, large, enormous, cut, uncut, potent and impotent); and have an entire social structure, that of phallocentrism, founded upon the power vested in them.  It’s a heady experience, having a penis.

So long as the only abuse involved is of himself, what a man does with his penis behind closed doors is taken to be his own business.  What he does with it in public, however, is regulated by law.  It is illegal for a man to display his penis in public if it appears to be done with the intent to cause distress and without the consent of the person to whom it is exposed.  He can face a fine, prison sentence, and registration as a sex offender if caught.  To the devoted flasher, unable to resist the urge to get his penis out in public, this appears to be no great deterrent.