James Jackson Gould

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James Jackson Gould is a young artist, living in Edinburgh.  His favourite things to do are art, football, tennis, kickboxing (he’s grade three and has two belts and a trophy), and running.  He gets ideas from his dad and likes depicting monsters with fish, people disguised as monsters, the ocean, and is planning a collection of jungle pictures.  He agrees he is handsome, clever, creative, and funny.   He can swim underwater, used to collect Match Attax cards before giving them to his friend, Jack, and selling the book on e-bay, and wants to put a motor on his scooter so it’ll be like a rocket.   He wishes he’d done more art in the summer holidays because now he’s back at school he only gets to work on it once a week.

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any enquiries about James’s art.

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