Art Gallery

I would love to be able to draw, paint, make things, but my artistic talent pretty much peaked with this actually rather good family portrait done when I was five.  From then on I stapled my dolls’ dresses together while my arty brother sewed minute detail into his teddy bear waistcoats.  Unable to draw even a correctly-proportioned stickman, I’m hugely jealous of people who can just pick up a pen, paint brush, whatever and make it all look so easy.  If I didn’t love their work so much, I might just hate them.  My hands just come up with gluey splodges and enormous hairdos with bits of glitter in them that weren’t even supposed to be there.  So I salivate over paintings, comix, installations, collages, sketches, portraits – always careful not to drip onto the page or drool in public.  In the drop-down list above, there are artists whose work I love for all manner of reasons – its vibrancy, bravery, ingenuity, beauty, and gorgeousness, to name a few.  Enjoy!

And feel free to get in touch ([email protected]) if you’d like me to put your work up.  It’s not a commercial venture for me (i.e. I don’t charge people to display their work or take a commission on works sold) – I just want to provide artists with another place to show their work.

Please note: all work is copyright and property of the artist.  Even my super family portrait.